Robin (robinfensom) wrote in wowshots,

In memory of Zombina, guild leader of Dawn of the Undead, who sadly passed away April 2007.

You will never be forgotten. Rest in peace, buddy.
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very sad :(
:,( I can't believe Zombina is gone.

I used to play on the Turalyon server (Kaioken) and knew Zombina. Though I only knew him through passing, like you get to know people when you see them every day though you may not often talk, they become a fixture of the realm in the back of your mind. Zombina was such a person, a part of Tura as much as anyone else.
I thought about hooking up with DoTU a few times, I forget who it was that tried to recruit me, but he was co-head of the guild and had a troll priest, but I enjoyed playing solo too much to end up with a guild. I enjoyed the few times I instanced with DoTU.

I don't know what to say except I hope he is in a better place.

Rest in peace, Zombina.