o_JO (commenting) wrote in wowshots,

The troll priestess Lopa and her "son" Stomphoof, the mighty tauren warrior!

Snapshots of my highest level character, a troll priestess by the name of Lopa. Some of the pictures are shown with a Tauren warrior by the name of Stomphoof, played by my fiance. Despite our relationship, it is not shown in character with Lopa and Stomphoof. Their relationship is more of a mother-son.

Well, here they are:

From the beginning: Lopa in ghost form kneeling by the Senjin village graveyard, protecting a strange crystal that spewed these shadowy clouds (in the shot is our feline druid friend Meeper!), resting by the camp, the dangerous look of Hellfire Peninsula, and what shadowform should look like (well, if you take away the sparkly things all around).

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Alanna's Embrace <3 (At least, I think she's wearing that...if not, disregard! :D)